Cognitive Behavioural Therapy¬†(CBT) is well recognised as a very powerful form of Psychotherapy and has become very popular among those seeking counselling/psychotherapy. Some of the reasons for CBT’s popularity include:

  • it has been repeatedly proven in research to be effective for a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, psychosis, anger, self-esteem, substance abuse to name a few.
  • it can be adapted for use with people of all ages (as young as 5 years old) and with a variety of cultures.
  • it is time limited leading to fast relief from distress.

While several different forms of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy now exist they all share the central concept that the way information is perceived and processed by an individual is central to how they feel and behave.

In order to make high quality CBT more available to people the ICBT was formed in 1999. Since then the ICBT has attempted to develop CBT in a number of ways:

  • promote greater awareness and understanding of CBT among professionals and the public
  • to provide training on CBT to those who want it
  • to develop a network of CBT practitioners and to promote high standards of practice and training among them

Membership of the Institute is open to all CBT therapists. Currently membership consists mainly of therapists who have trained in the Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) modality of CBT. This modality was pioneered by Albert Ellis who is regarded by many, as the first person in psychotherapy to identify the value of the cognitive behavioural approach to therapy.

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