Self Help

Over the past number of years self help for many emotional, psychological and behavioural problems has become very popular. Most bookshops will have a plethora of books offering advice on dealing with a variety of problems. One of the advantages of CBT self help materials is that many of them have been scientifically evaluated to prove that they are effective.

The term Bibliotherapy has often been used to describe the use of reading materials to help people deal with various difficulties. The important thing to note however is that with all CBT interventions it is not the attending of therapy sessions or the reading of the book that is therapeutic, but rather the putting into practise the ideas or strategies learned and suggested in therapy. Research has consistently proved that the people who get the most out of CBT are those who put the techniques into practice – often referred to as homework.

Below are a couple of self help resources that might be of use to come clients. We are currently in the process of developing a list of self help books which will be available soon.

3 Minute Therapy

Three minute therapy is a self help book wiutten by Dr. Michael Edelstein. In the book Dr. Edelstein shows how the techniques and principles of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) can be applied to a variety of problems including panic attack, depression, smoking, anger, procrastination and addiction. What is most remarkable is that the book is available to read for free online. As a basic introductory text to dealing with a variety of problems it is well worth a look.

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery is gradually gaining popularity in the US. It is a self help approach that applies CBT to dealing with addictions. It is rapidly becoming a real alternative to traditional self help approaches such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Gambles Anonymous (GA). The Smary Recovery website includes a variety of self help sheets, articles and access to online meetings.

Mood Gym

Mood Gym is an online resouce ran by the Centre for Metal Health Research at the Australian National University. Essentially it is an online programme for teaching cognitive-behavioural techniques to dealing with anxiety and depression. It has been extensively evaluated and has been proven to be effective. The good news is that it is also free to use for people living outside of Australia!